Tuesday, December 11, 2007

This Week on TV....

Thoughts on this week’s TV

CSI-Cockroaches (CBS)
Aside from some rather excessive sexuality, this episode of CSI featured some more evidence of great writing that I’ve been able to see that last few weeks on this show.
While the murder investigation held my interest enough, Warrick’s continued breakdown was delivered the emotional punch it deserved. It was great to see CSI spend a fair amount of time on character development, without compromising the show’s formula.
The trippy feel that lasted this entire episode only helped to increase our awareness of Warrick’s drug problem and Gary Dourdan’s top notch performance reeled us in for good.

Friday Night Lights-The Confession (NBC)

While certainly not my favorite episode of this season, this episode did have some strong moments. It was great to see Landry’s storyline get a resolution as it has been a bumpy ride getting here. I’m still not sure how I feel about the whole thing, I don’t hate it as much as everyone else, but I am glad to see it taken care of.
The real star of this episode was Jason Street whose storyline about meeting a girl online who’s interested in guys in wheelchairs delivered some great comedic moments. It was also great to see him move out of his parents house and start to give some thought towards his future.
There were also some pretty strong scenes between Buddy Garrity and Santiago. Buddy doesn’t quite know how to deal with Santiago and those two characters are playing off of each other quite well.

Scrubs-My #1 Doctor (NBC)

While not my favorite episode of the season, it was certainly entertaining watching Dr. Cox and Turk compete to be the hospital’s number one doctor. When J.D. turned out to be number one, it was hilarious to watch Todd calling himself Dr. Dorian and repulsing women so that they would lower J.D.’s score
However, the majority of the laughs and the endearing moments were between Janitor and his new girlfriend, Lady. Once Carla discovers that he’s acting like acting like a completely different person in front of her, she insists that he reveals the real him. Lady’s reaction is less than favorable so Janitor says it’s a joke and Carla tells him to reveal his crazy little by little. This storyline served as a means for many laughs, and kind of a sad moment when we realize that Lady is probably never gonna accept Janitor for himself.
The other storyline involving Elliot and a patient that wants to kill herself because she is dying was poignant and well done. Elliot’s moral struggle was realistic and one of the more heart wrenching storylines Scrubs has included in a while.

Aliens in America-Church (CW)
After Raja notes to Mrs. Tolchuck that their weekly trip to a Wal-Mart type store is kind of like their church because it makes them feel better and they leave 10% of their income there, Mrs. Tolchuck decides that it is time to expose Raja to the family’s deep spirituality.
This album contains some pretty edgy moments and probably stretched past the point of good taste, but it still hit quite a few nails on the head. It provided an outlet for this show to do what it does best, offer great satire and some thought provoking moments.
Raja, a deeply religious Muslim is thrilled to discuss the difference and his and the Tolchuck’s theology, but Justin is more concerned about praying for frivolous things (including sex with a girl at schoo), Claire is more concerned about making out with the guy playing Joseph in the Christmas play, while Mr. Tolchuck is more concerned with buying collectible apostle plates from the church’s gift shop.
In the midst of some hilarious, if somewhat irreverent, moments, Aliens manages to showcase some of the more ridiculous customs in the Church of America, but also manage to remind us why we need church in the first place.

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