Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jon Foreman-Fall EP

Music: 4
Lyrics: 4
Spiritual Content: 4

At a time of the year where music releases are really starting to slow down, it's great to have a nice suprise by way of the first of four solo EPs being released by Switchfoot lead singer, Jon Foreman. Each EP will coincide with the four season, the first being the Fall EP which is being released today through all digital outlets. In early 2008, the fall and winter EP will be sold together in traditional stores. These are more personal and introspective songs than your average Switchfoot song which is why Foreman decided to release them as solo projects, however the band still has a new album slated to hit stores before the end of 2008.
So how does this solo album hold up? Incredibly well, actually. Although there is more of a folk feel than I am usually a fan of, the chill acoustic sound of the album is kind of refreshing. The lyrics are deep and honest, reminiscent of some of the best switchfoot songs such as "let that be enough" or "24".
The album shines the brightest with one of darkest tracks, "Equally Skilled" is kind of dread look at humanity and all its fallness, but reminds us that God's hands are skilled when it comes to redeeming His people. Which also brings to the point that somes of these songs are some of the most openly spiritual tracks that we've heard penned by Foreman in a while. "Lord, Save Me From Myself" is another great example of Foreman just laying it all out all the table in a very personal account of his struggles.
Considering most of the album leans more towards an indie/acoustic feel than folk, most switchfoot fans will be able to enjoy this album, seeing as it's not drastically different than switchfoot, but a song like "southbound train" which includes a large number of folk influences might be harder for them to get used to. However, it works well, as does the heartfelt closer "My Love Goes Free" which is probably the most cryptic song on the album, while at the same time it has a very vulnerable edge.
Although Nothing is Sound and Oh Gravity! had some great moments, Switchfoot has been growing slightly stale as of late, especially when it comes to reusing similar themes over and over in their lyrics. This EP is breath of fresh air and true testament of what Foreman is actually capable of. I hope that the EPs to follow are just as strong as this one and that it spills over to his work with switchfoot.

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